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Michael Brandmeier

Michael Brandmeier is an Independent pop singer-songwriter with many accolades and hundreds of songs in Films and TV shows. He is also a lifelong spiritual seeker. His work blends the two. Since his youthful days, Michael Brandmeier has written songs meant to bring light and love into the world.

Songs and music tracks of Michael’s have been placed in hit shows going back to the 2000s, like the WB’s hit show “Dawson’s Creek,” Party of Five, and many others up until today, like NBC’s famous show, “The Voice,” which now has spin-offs in many countries.

Michael has played in front of crowds of 28,000 strong in his older brother’s band, Johnny and The Leisure Suits, and twice appeared on the 1990 late-night show Arsenio Hall, Joan Rivers Show, and other NBC specials. He has shared the stage with the legendary rock band Chicago, Jimmy Buffet, the blues legends Lonnie Brooks and Willie Dixon, played bass behind Bruce Hornsby, Dennis DeYoung of the rock band Styx, and with Otis Day of “Otis Day and the Knights of the movie “ANIMAL HOUSE” fame.




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