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Michael Brandmeier

Michael Brandmeier • Bio • News

Michael Brandmeier, a seasoned talent in the indie-pop scene, has carved a significant niche with his extensive portfolio of tracks and songs resonating across Film and TV platforms.

The distinctive flavor of his sound has brought him acclaim from far and wide, particularly from the International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA), where he was celebrated as the ‘Best Male Artist.’ Michael’s accolades also include the Los Angeles Music Award, recognizing him as the ‘Male Singer/Songwriter of the Year.’ And Michael is writing and recording better than ever.

His Current-pop Christmas song, ‘I See An Angel,’ and its Spanish Version (Veo un Ángel) is paving the way for Michael’s forthcoming book inspired by an angel encounter at his mother’s hospice bedside in the tranquil hour of 3:00 AM. The book promises a deeper delve into his musical journey. Ahead of the book’s release, an EP composed of fresh songs interwoven into the book will wet fans’ appetites.

Making waves in 2023, Michael released his inspiring song, ‘Small Moves, BIG CHANGE.’ The song’s lyric video quickly captivated audiences, garnering thousands of views. Furthermore, his adult-pop collaboration with his twin children, burgeoning artists Anna and Bella, led to the praised track, ‘I Hear You.’ An extended version of the song, featuring Australian rapper Andre Swish, will follow.




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