Look Closer (A Silent Night Encounter with an Angel)

Almost twelve years ago, on Christmas night, I stood outside the Catholic Sister-founded Hospice Home of Hope in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, where my mother lay dying and took eight photos of a tree. Two nights later, in the wee hours of the morning, by her bedside, an ethereal voice guided me with two words, “Look closer,” to see that there was an angel in one of the photos I had taken.

My book in progress, titled Look Closer (A Silent Night Encounter with an Angel), is centered around this 3:30 AM angel visitation at my mother’s hospice bedside. This visitation pulled me out of a severe personal slump and set me on a path from surviving to thriving. This Christmastime encounter also strengthened me to do one of the hardest things I’ve ever done—say goodbye to my mom.

Please enjoy these “authentic” angel photos. For contrast, I’ve included the blank sky photos, taken six seconds before the Angel photo. Print them out and set them around your home. Keep one in your wallet or purse. I leave them in my kid’s car and elsewhere for positive, uplifting energy. This Angel wants to be seen and spread hope and faith in God and your “Self.”

However, the Angel photos are copyrighted, and unauthorized SALES are prohibited.
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The infrared and black-and-white versions accentuate what glows and best support my theory of a photo-bombing angel: wing-curled below the moon, the wispy body placed above the tree to not interrupt the scene I was shooting.
(The blank sky shots were taken six seconds before the Angel photo)